Sophia Charlotte Queen of Prussia

BIOGRAPHIES Sophie Charlotte Königin in Preußen

Sophie Charlotte Königin in Preußen

Sophia Charlotte Queen of Prussia

born on October 30, 1668 in Iburg near Osnabrück
died on February 1, 1705 in Hannover
300th anniversary of her death on February 1, 2005

Biography • Literature & Sources


She was left with little time to pursue her diverse interests. Sophia Charlotte died of pneumonia in Hannover on February 1, 1705 at the age of only 36. She had originally planned to celebrate Carnival with her family there. She calmly explained to the priest who had been called that she did not need him—she was prepared for death.

Sophia’s mother, Sophia of the Palatinate and later Electress of Hannover, had great things planned for her only girl. A beautiful, well-educated daughter was a trump on the European marriage market. In line with the spirit of high baroque ideals, the little princess was taught bienséance (propriety), contenance (manners) and gravité (dignity), one spoke only French with her, and she received the same education as her three older brothers.

The effort was worthwhile: Frederick III, later to become the first “King in Prussia” and son of Frederick William, the Great Elector, and Louise Henrietta of Orange, was chosen to marry Sophia Charlotte. Just sixteen years old, in 1684 she moved to Berlin to be with him. In 1688 Frederick III succeeded his father. That same year Frederick William I, heir to the throne, was born. He would later be known as the “Soldier King” and father Frederick the Great. Now twenty, Sophia Charlotte began leading her own life. She established contact with Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, a friend of her mother, and John Toland; she systematically pushed forward the construction of the Lutzenburg Castle, which was later christened “Castle Charlottenburg” after her; and she founded the Berlin Academy of Science.

Sophia Charlotte’s highly regarded and cherished ladies in waiting came together here with the famous thinkers of the time. An alternative world emerged counter to the soldierly pleasures of the king, in which discussions took place about the most recent discoveries and concepts. Personal meetings led to the lively and fruitful exchange of correspondence. It is alleged that Leibniz’ Theodicy was decisively influenced by the conversations the philosopher had with the queen at Lutzenburg and their exchange of letters.

Unfortunately, Sophia’s spouse destroyed great portions of her correspondence because he feared they contained negative information about him. Perhaps not without good reason. In a letter dated June 11, 1703 Sophia wrote to Leibniz: “I relax while telling you of the joyless lassitude I endure in Berlin. […] Please show my letter to no one, as I am writing to you as a friend, with no reservations.”

(translated by Rebecca van Dyck)

Author: Britta Quebbemann

Uta’s Diary auntyutaBooksDiaryLife in AustraliaOld Age  January 19, 2021
These are the trees I like to visit nearly every day!

Yesterday I looked at a lot of Peter’s books and also at some of my books. I wanted to make a decision, which books I definitly wanted to keep, just to keep, and then which books I also wanted to read. I came up with a plan! So, my plan is to aim at reading two books every week, meaning over the year I should be able to read about 100 books!

Hopefully I’ll be able to read about 100 books every year that I am still alive!

Recently I already read ‘HOLY SMOKE’:

I do like stories where there is a lot of dialogue to read, especially when it comes to a more meaningful dialogue. There is quite a bit of it in ‘HOLY SMOKE’. The book I just started today, seems also to be full of very meaningful dialogue. It is a historical novel. I am very much looking forward to reading it. It is written in German by Renate Feyl and called ‘Aussicht auf bleibende Helle’.

Here in German what it says about this book:

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