September Diary 2021

It is early in the morning again. Maybe nobody is going to read what I write now, but I’ll spend some more time with writing anyhow, meaning, instead of lying in bed a bit longer and thinking about what I experienced during my lifetime and regretting that lying in bed and just thinking about all these things, I can never put it into writing, well, instead of just thinking about it I can get up, sit at the computer when nothing is distracting me that early in the morning, I just write about whatever comes into my head.

So, it is even a bit earlier than what it was yesterday morning, when I started writing my September Diary at 5 o’clock in the morning. So far, nobody commented on this little piece of writing. How do I know, whether it is interesting to other people or not? I just don’t know. Maybe I can make it more interesting, when I imagine, what would we be talking about if somebody would have a conversation with me right now. Throughout my life there were at least half a dozen people that I had intensive, very rewarding conversations with many, many times. None of these conversations have ever been recorded. Unfortunately, when a conversation like this went on for hours, there is not much that I can remember about it. But it was always good for instance when Peter and I had a chance to talk to each other for hours, sometimes including another friend or too. It seems we had always a lot to talk about to each other. And Peter used to talk a lot to his children too.

Peter died in December last year. That is some nine months ago now. My son Martin stayed with me twice at the beginning of this year. He would always wake up around 6 in the morning and soon after getting up and starting to get ready for the day. For instance, he always had a quick shower before getting dressed. Then he would go for a little walk with Millie, his dog. He always gave Millie a nice breakfast before he started cooking some breakfast for himself and me. I usually helped a little bit with the preparation of the breakfast and with carrying it to the outside table. So, Martin always enjoyed sitting outside and having a meal outside rather than in the house. This is what I liked very much, for I too prefer sitting outside rather than inside.

So, I am thinking back to the couple of times when Martin was staying with me helping me to settle in after the death of Peter. In March this year, after he had been staying with me for a week or so, he went back to his place in regional Victoria with Millie, his lovely dog companion. I was overjoyed, when it turned out, that I could go with them. We had a perfectly beautiful trip in Martin’s very old car, stopping a few times at memorable places where we could have a bit to eat and maybe a nice cup of coffee and Millie could run around enjoying beautiful natural surroundings.

I was able to stay with Martin for exactly two weeks. This was like a little holiday for me. Sadly, I ended up with trouble in my legs. This trouble in the legs went on affecting me till some time in June. But this is another story. And how I got back home, that is quite an interesting story too, and I’ll write about it another time.

Did I see Martin again since that time in March 2021 you might ask. No, Covid lockdowns interfered. Without any lockdowns, he would by now probably have come here for another visit with Millie, his lovely dog. I wonder, when will another visit be possible. . . . Maybe by around Christmas time? I hope so, I do hope so! If we are lucky, a great family get-together may take place here at my place for some Christmas celebrations. There are so many family members I have not seen for months and months and months because of all the lockdowns!

I sign off here for today.

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Auntie, Sister. Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Mother and Wife of German Descent I've lived in Australia since 1959 together with my husband Peter. We have four children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. I started blogging because I wanted to publish some of my childhood memories. I am blogging now also some of my other memories. I like to publish some photos too as well as a little bit of a diary from the present time. Occasionally I publish a story with a bit of fiction in it. Peter, my husband, is publishing some of his stories under

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