Berlin – Paris Return

Memories from EASTER 1954.
I was nineteen and a half!

Karl-Heinz was still my friend at the time, however mainly platonic.

Mum belonged to a theatre subscription group. The members were mainly elderly. For Easter 1954 this group had organised a bus-tour to Paris. Mum did not want to go and asked me, could I go instead. I agreed.

The distance Berlin – Paris is about the same as Sydney – Melbourne. However we did not drive straight through to Paris but had an overnight stop on the way, even though there were two busdrivers. On the way back, which was Easter Monday, the busdrivers had to go straight through, arriving in Berlin late at night.

The Paris accomodation for two nights was at Montmartre. I had to share the room with three elderly ladies. Not only that, I had to share a double bed with one of the women! The organisers apologised because of this. For the following night they had found another room for me: I was shifted to a different hotel to share a twin bedroom with our travel-hostess from Berlin who was an attractive woman in her twenties.

During the day a young French guide had shown us around. There was also a young woman who acted as interpreter. I saw a lot of Paris in the company of the two French guides and our two busdrivers.On top of this there was a young man from Berlin who had come on the bus with us. We called him ‘Bubie’. He was twenty and about to be apprenticed with a company in London. So he was quite an interesting young guy. However, I thought he was a bit full of himself. Typical of me to be so critical! In Paris and on the bus though he was good company for me. The old people soon started making comments such as: ‘Oh, quite soon an engagement might be taking place.’

On the night when I was supposed to share the room with our young tour-guide from Berlin, we had all been out dancing until the early morning hours. When I arrived at the door to my room, the door was locked. I knocked and knocked. Nobody opened. One of the busdrivers, who had been out with all of us, suggested to come to the busdrivers’ room which happened to be in the same hotel. I said this was out of the question. I wanted to be let into my room!! Busdriver-boy said: ‘She may have somebody with her in the room!’ I said I didn’t care if she had a lover-boy in there or not. I wanted to get into my bed!! After more and more knocking and a long, long wait in front of the room the door opened. Yes, indeed a lover-boy had been in the room with my room-mate. Lover-boy disappeared then. I was finally let into the room and into my untouched bed.

As a matter of fact only one of the busdrivers had been out dancing with our party. The other, a bit older one, had dutifully gone to bed quite early and was fit the next morning for the long busdrive back to Berlin. He wouldn’t let the younger one drive much. He must have been under the impression that the guy hadn’t had enough rest and was feeling rather tired!

Karl-Heinz, my Berlin friend, had remembered the day and time when I would arrive back in Berlin. It was after 10 pm and he was waiting at the bus-stop with his bike ready to take me home. My little suitcase fitted on the back of his bike. I fitted at the front. Off we went. He was a smoker. The best thing he could think of to give me before we parted was one of his cigarettes. This was when we were not in front of my house but just around the corner. I smoked a bit of the cigarette telling him that I had had a good time in Paris. Then I left him. He had been surprised that my mum had not thought of meeting me at the bus-stop. As it turned out, Mum was not even there when I arrived home: She was at her friend’s place. I went back to work the following morning.

nelson RN

Nice memories.
I am loving your site. I hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blogroll 


I’m glad you like my site, Nelson. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

Uta—i am loving hearing about all of your experiences. I did spend a semester in europe my junior year of college—so i saw Paris when I was 19, tooo…but at a different point in time. The movie American in Paris danced in my head the whole time…


  1. I saw the movie too and loved it. I loved Paris so much. It was a bit like magic! I felt very free there. We stayed there for only two nights, (Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday). One night we went to the theatre, the other night we went dancing. It’s all a bit of a blur because a lot was organised for us to see during the two days. The theatre visit had been booked for all of us. But I can’t remember which play we saw!I liked a lot of the typical French things, like the way they drink their coffee at different times of the day, how they offer a bit of wine with lunch, which we had at the university’s cafeteria Ah, and I love the sound of the French language! I felt very carefree and happy during my short stay in Paris.Reply
    1. Kate Kresse EditI bet you did! I loved Paris, too…we ate at a very lovely restaurant that was called The Donkey (i think) [but in French]. In one corner of the restaurant there was an actual donkey eating hay in a fenced in area in the corner of the restaurant. Sticks out in my memory. Completely cool!
      Uta–because your blog is so consistently wonderful and creative—i am giving you the Kreativ Blogger Award. Here is the link so you can see you on my blog


I found in one of my old photo albums several photos from my visit to Paris in 1954. The guy with the hat is twenty year old Bubie. I mentioned him in my previous blog. The guy with me in front of the Eiffel Tower is one of the busdrivers (the older one). The French tour-guide you can see in the street picture with the METRO sign in it. He wears a coat. The one in the jacket is the younger busdriver.

In the group picture I am right at the back beside Bubie.

17 thoughts on “My visit to Paris in 1954”

  1. nelson RN EditWonderful pics! Thanks for sharing!Reply
    1. auntyuta EditThanks for visiting, Nelson.Reply
  2. Munira EditWow! After looking at these pictures I don’t feel like calling you ‘Aunty’ Uta anymore! Reply
    1. auntyuta EditJust call me Uta, that’s all right! I’m glad you liked the pictures, Munira. Thanks for visiting.Reply
    2. auntyuta EditHi Munira, I was thinking about what I wrote in ‘When I was fourteen’.
      At that stage the elderly Fräulein (spinstev) at the surgery had probably been the only one who had ever paid me a compliment regarding my figure. And I was a bit touchy about being told I had such an erect posture. Because children in the street would tease other children for walking very upright, calling them being proud and snobbish..I always wanted to guard myself so as not to be called this.Strangers from building sites would soon call me .’Frau’ when I passed them. They saw me as a Frau, not as a young ‘Fräulein, and I was probably only fifteen! Of course being shy as I was, I ignored them, not paying any attention to their whistles and their remarks calling me ‘Frau’. A quick witted Berlin girl would have shouted a suitable answer back at them. I definitely wasn’t quick witted like this. On the conrary, I was
      extremely shy and embarassed,Not so a few years later in Paris.I felt rather more carefree there. Never in my life had I felt this confident and good about the way I should behave. I very much enjoyed being me in Paris. Not for one moment did I doubt that this door would be opened sooner or later. She just had to open the door eventually, I knew this. There was absolutely no need to panic or get anxious. I wasn’t angry, well not much. I think I pitied the young woman that she couldn’t have a room to herself to have a good time with loverboy.Reply
      1. auntyuta EditBut actually she must have had quite a bit of time with loverboy because by the time I was back from a night out on the dance-floor it was to my recollection already around four in the morning! Maybe she thought I had decided to sleep somewhere else! Yeh, that’s probably what she thought and didn’t expect me back at all. Bad luck for her, wasn’t it? But she didn’t hold any grudges. I actually liked her. She was a friendly, good looking young woman.Sorry Munira, I just thought I add this too. I didn’t know it would turn out to be such a long comment!
  3. Kate Kresse EditI Triple like the photos, Uta Reply
    1. auntyuta EditThank youReply
  4. scenebycaroline EditTrès chic!Reply
    1. auntyuta EditThanksReply
  5. island traveler EditLove every bit of the photos…just full of life and adventure. Like the best where you guys had the tower as a background. I always appreciate the beautiful photos of the past…just makes me smile. Happy Valentine’s Day and best wishes to you and your love ones.Reply
    1. auntyuta EditDear IT, thanks very much for visiting and commenting. It’s great that you enjoy looking at these photos of the past. Thanks and best wishes to you and your loved ones!Reply
  6. Yor Ryeter EditBeautiful photographs and love the fashion too! ♥
    Very neat of you to share Reply
    1. auntyuta EditDear Ryeter, glad you liked this blog. Thank you for visiting and for your comment.Reply
  7. ElizOF EditThose are amazing photos… You look fabulous too! Interesting how much things change and then stay the same. Reply
    1. auntyuta EditYou’re right, that’s interesting! Thank you for visting, dear Eliz, and for all your comments! I’m glad you liked the old photos. I think the photos show that I felt at ease in Paris.Reply
  8. berlioz1935 EditI had a hard look at those pictures and can’t find myself in them. A pity I could not go with you. You know what they say, I love Paris in the springtime

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    Episode 1 Paris

    Duration: 46 minutes 32 seconds46m

    Joanna sets out to discover the secret to the Parisian’s effortlessly cool exterior and passionate belief in freedom and individuality. She visits the Notre-Dame cathedral with architect Phillipe Villeneuve.

    This episode was published 3 days ago, available until 7:42pm on 16 Aug 2022.

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    1. Oh, I loved to watch Joanna Lumley in Paris! A very inspiring program for me. There must be some kind of magic about that city. . . .

      After I returned from my Easter holiday in Paris in 1954, there was Karl-Heinz waiting for me. This made me feel so close to him. I could not help it, but my heart was beating for him, even though I knew, he was not out to have a sexual relationship with me. He wanted to have the freedom to try out a number of girls and women. Whenever he had a new sexual relationship, it only lasted for a limited amount of time. He really had always plenty of friendship time for me! And he always shared with me everything that was going on with him in his life. We had been friends since Pentecost 1953. I think it must have been the beginning of 1955, when he started a serious relationship with a 21 year old, very competent young woman. Karl-Heinz would then have been 19 and a half. And he told me, that the 21 year old was just right for him. Seeing him in a serious relationship like that of course was the end of me thinking that Karl-Heinz could ever become the desired lover for me!

      So, I became more and more socially active, and felt very free and very much liking this freedom! In May 1955 I became a bit aware of Peter as a dancing partner among dozens of other dancing partners for dancing lessons. Peter certainly noticed me too, as he pointed out to everyone later on. Then in July of that year, we were more or less by chance thrown together, and as it turned out, this was for good. So, it really did not take us long then, to become one item. Until we got engaged in November 1956 and then married in December 1956, we had often been separated for months on end. for I had taken a job in Düsseldorf for a while, and he made an effort to visit me there when he was able to take some leave from his job. We also exchanged a lot of letters, that to this day I still did not throw away! By Easter that year, I was back in Berlin, and I was lucky, I was straightaway able, to get my old job back. But it was Peter, who soon had to look for a new job. This was, when he decided to work in a coalmine in West Germany. He stayed there until November. Again, we exchanged a lot of letters while he was away from Berlin.

      Even before we were married, I was never in doubt, that Peter wanted to remain in a serious relationship with me. Peter had turned 21 in May 1956, and I turned 22 in September of that year.

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