The End of my Life

There is no denying it, I am at the end of my life. Even if I have no terminal sickness, I am bound to pass away quite soon just because I am very, very old. I mean, I feel well. I’ve never felt better in my whole life. Still, it is obvious, that this kind of wellbeing cannot last for very long at my very advanced age. Every new day, that I can still experience, is just a bonus. So far, I feel, I did get a real lot of bonusses already. I think, that shows, that I am an extremely lucky person right now! 

I just had another very long, and beautiful hot shower. So, I am already dressed now. The weather looks good. So, I might go over to the Club for a bit, enjoying some drinks and some nice food. 

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ReflectionsAugust 4, 2022In “copy”

A very long Walk in the Morning – Meeting Friends in the AfternoonAugust 12, 2022In “Diary”

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One thought on “The End of my Life”

  1. auntyuta EditYes, I did go to the Club and had a nice time there! 

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7 thoughts on “The End of my Life

  1. Think of it this way aunty Uta.. If you’re feeling well now, you may well continue this way till 94…that gives you another 6 years of lovely walks and hot showers and sitting in the sun eating healthy food 😊❤️🌿

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  2. We are both very lucky Uta. I am 84 now and enjoying every day. Healing as I do now I would be happy to have another six or even 10 years. BTW even though I am following your own blog I don’t seem to have received notice of any new posts for awhile

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    1. Oh yes, Judith, we’re so very lucky! As far as notices are concerned, unfortunately, I have no idea what to do about it. I keep making nthings worse, whenever I try by myself to improve things on the computer. Sorry about this.
      Stay safe, Judith! Hugs, Uta ❤

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