The ObserverSex Interview Dr Ruth: ‘Nobody has any business being naked in bed if they haven’t decided to have sex’ Aaron Hicklin ‘Sex for us Jews was never considered a sin’: Dr Ruth Westheimer. Photograph: Corey Nickols/Contour by Getty Images Sex therapist, child of the Holocaust, former sniper… Dr Ruth Westheimer has lived more thanContinue reading

Gender and health Gender refers to the characteristics of women, men, girls and boys that are socially constructed.  This includes norms, behaviours and roles associated with being a woman, man, girl or boy, as well as relationships with each other. As a social construct, gender varies from society to society and can change over time. Gender isContinue reading “Gender and health”

What does God want me to do?

What does God want me to do? Last Sunday at Mass I was confronted with the above question. As it happened it was a day when I was in quite a bit of physical pain. The pain didn’t start out to be really bad. I would be all right walking to church, so IContinue reading “What does God want me to do?”

Fill your time with love !

Love can only blossom if lovers give time to each other and fertilise love with time. They have to stop and look into each others eyes, make the moments, that exist between the chores of daily life, count and extent them to mini eternities. Love only exist in those moments where time stands still forContinue reading “Fill your time with love !”

The Real Anthony Fauci

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – November 16, 2021 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author)4.7 out of 5 stars 8 ratings#1 Best Seller in Scientist Biographies See all formats and editions Kindle$18.36Read with Our Free App Hardcoverfrom $23.05 3 Used from $23.056 New from $26.06 Pharma-funded mainstream media has convincedContinue reading “The Real Anthony Fauci”

Private: Uta’s Diary

auntyutaDiary, Life in Australia, Old Age  Saturday, 25th of April 2020, 5AM Everyone has by now some idea about the Coronavirus. It definitely has brought a lot of changes to our lives. How will all this end? Nobody knows for sure. We may have some ideas how it might end. However we cannot really know it, notContinue reading “Private: Uta’s Diary”

Noam Chomsky – Challenges and Choices

According to Professor Chomsky, we live in a unique historical moment, confronted by an array of severe challenges, some so severe that “failure to address them soon will effectively terminate organised human society, with mass destruction of other species as well”. The two most prominent are climate change and nuclear war. Moreover, the current pandemic hasContinue reading “Noam Chomsky – Challenges and Choices”


‘The ascendancy of crowds,’ wrote Le Bon, ‘indicates the death throes of a civilisation.’ The upward climb to civilisation is an intellectual process driven by individuals; the descent is a herd in stampede. ‘Crowds are only useful for destruction.’