Memories from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 2010 as well as some other Memories from 2010  auntyuta  Copy, Memories, Old Age  January 12, 2020 5 Minutes We had been away from Australia from the end of of May 2010 to the beginning of July 2010. I started publishing in WordPress in 2011. On the 11th of February 2012 I then published in WordPress what IContinue reading

Judge Faith Jenkins Talks Divorce Court/Rejection/Relationship Triggers/and Embracing Her Journey

Dec 18, 2021Subscribe NOW to The Breakfast Club: Get MORE of The Breakfast Club: ► LISTEN LIVE: ► CATCH UP on What You Missed: ► FOLLOW us on Instagram:… ► FOLLOW us on Twitter: ► LIKE us on Facebook:… Executive Producer: Eddie F. APD/Producer: Daniel Greene Producer: Taylor HayesContinue reading “Judge Faith Jenkins Talks Divorce Court/Rejection/Relationship Triggers/and Embracing Her Journey”


Divorce Attorney REVEALS Why 70% of Relationships DON’T LAST | Faith Jenkins Lewis Howes Feb 8, 2022 Faith Jenkins (aka Judge Faith), has a legal career that spans over a decade in New York — from working as a Wall Street litigator to New York family court to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where sheContinue reading “Relationships”

Love’s Embrace by Joseph Carli

freefall852 in Uncategorized November 5, 2022 189 Words Love’s Embrace. Love’s embrace. I was badly wounded from Love’s last embrace, My fault for flying too close to the Sun’s passionate face, Where declarations of sweet joy, sweet love, Were lost and discarded along with loss of face, For one does say such silly things whilst in love’s embrace. Wounded,Continue reading “Love’s Embrace by Joseph Carli”

Remembering the End of 2014

So, this was nearly eight years ago! I published a lot of pictures from that beautiful trip. You can look at them here: I thought it was interesting to read all the comments to the above post and republish them here: 10 thoughts on “Going back along the Coastal Road”

I trust in God

In April 2021 I wrote the following: There are lots of things I can still enjoy. I just cannot cope with all the dreary stuff. I need someone, who can sort all this out for me. All my children tried to do their best for me. But it is too much for them too. OwningContinue reading “I trust in God”


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