Is Skin Cancer overdiagnosed? Many Pathologists Agree Skin Cancer Is OverdiagnosedAnalysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked June 10, 2022 STORY AT-A-GLANCEData published in JAMA Dermatology in April 2022 revealed that nearly two-thirds ofdermatopathologists believe that skin cancer is overdiagnosed. According to theAmerican Academy of Dermatology (AAD), skin cancer will affect 1 in 5 Americans intheir lifetime,Continue reading “Is Skin Cancer overdiagnosed?”

After your Nuvaxovid(Novavax) COVID-19vaccination

Last updated:11 February 2022About the vaccineToday you have received the Nuvaxovid (Novavax) vaccine.This vaccine can prevent people from becoming ill from COVID-19. The Novavax COVID-19vaccine does not contain any live virus, and it cannot give you COVID-19. It contains animportant part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus called the spike protein. It also contains an adjuvantcalled Matrix-M,Continue reading “After your Nuvaxovid(Novavax) COVID-19vaccination”

A Sexless Marriage A sexless marriage is a marital union in which little or no sexual activity occurs between the two spouses. The US National Health and Social Life Survey in 1992 found that 2% of the married respondents (aged 18 to 59) reported no sexual intimacy in the past year.[1] The definition of a non-sexual marriage is often broadened to include thoseContinue reading “A Sexless Marriage”

Feeling overwhelmed by world events? Treat yourself the way you would a friend

Georgie Harman This prolonged state of hypervigilance can be exhausting. Self-compassion is crucial – as is taking time away from doom-scrolling to stay connected to others and move your body Thu 3 Mar 2022 12.28 AEDT 9 We can survive almost anything if we know it has an endpoint. Struggles that seem to stretch limitlessly intoContinue reading “Feeling overwhelmed by world events? Treat yourself the way you would a friend”

Gender and health Gender refers to the characteristics of women, men, girls and boys that are socially constructed.  This includes norms, behaviours and roles associated with being a woman, man, girl or boy, as well as relationships with each other. As a social construct, gender varies from society to society and can change over time. Gender isContinue reading “Gender and health”

What does God want me to do?

What does God want me to do? Last Sunday at Mass I was confronted with the above question. As it happened it was a day when I was in quite a bit of physical pain. The pain didn’t start out to be really bad. I would be all right walking to church, so IContinue reading “What does God want me to do?”


‘The ascendancy of crowds,’ wrote Le Bon, ‘indicates the death throes of a civilisation.’ The upward climb to civilisation is an intellectual process driven by individuals; the descent is a herd in stampede. ‘Crowds are only useful for destruction.’

Covid Vaccines are Non-Sterilizing. By Karl Denninger.

To be sterilizing a vaccine must prevent infection. Since you never get infected, you never replicate the virus and thus do not shed it. If you do not shed it, the potential path of the viral life-cycle for that particular infection ends with you and thus you cannot pass on or cause a mutation. You are sterileContinue reading “Covid Vaccines are Non-Sterilizing. By Karl Denninger.”

Talking about Ivermectin. By Justine Botha.

Talking about Ivermectin. By Justine Botha. An enormous body of scientific evidence including 60 trials, 31 Randomised Control Trials (five of which have been published in the top tier medical journals), observational trials and case studies in countries such as Peru, Mexico, Zimbabwe and India have shown that Ivermectin is both highly effective and safe. From the ivermectinContinue reading “Talking about Ivermectin. By Justine Botha.”