WORLD KINDNESS DAY November 1, 2022 Make Kindness the Norm After recently celebrating my seven year anniversary at The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, I reflected back on my initial interview for the job. I remember being asked, “How do you think we can change the world?” Without even thinking about it, I responded, “We have toContinue reading “WORLD KINDNESS DAY”

Love’s Embrace by Joseph Carli

freefall852 in Uncategorized November 5, 2022 189 Words Love’s Embrace. Love’s embrace. I was badly wounded from Love’s last embrace, My fault for flying too close to the Sun’s passionate face, Where declarations of sweet joy, sweet love, Were lost and discarded along with loss of face, For one does say such silly things whilst in love’s embrace. Wounded,Continue reading “Love’s Embrace by Joseph Carli”

TUCK AROUND THE CLOCK TUCK AROUND THE CLOCK  You’ve been eating your meals all wrong – food experts reveal the exact time of day you should eat everything This is such an interesting proposition. I believe, it’s worth to try out a few of these suggestions. So that I can recall the proposed suggestions a bit better, IContinue reading “TUCK AROUND THE CLOCK “

Classic ABC

PAST MIDNIGHT Just now, I found out, that ABC Radio is providing excellent music past midnight! I was ready for bed, so I thought. When all of a sudden I heard the most beautiful, inspiring music! 🙂 How can I retire, when there is such absolutely wonderful music holding me back? Impossible to go toContinue reading “Classic ABC”