Memories from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 2010 as well as some other Memories from 2010  auntyuta  Copy, Memories, Old Age  January 12, 2020 5 Minutes We had been away from Australia from the end of of May 2010 to the beginning of July 2010. I started publishing in WordPress in 2011. On the 11th of February 2012 I then published in WordPress what IContinue reading

WORLD KINDNESS DAY November 1, 2022 Make Kindness the Norm After recently celebrating my seven year anniversary at The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, I reflected back on my initial interview for the job. I remember being asked, “How do you think we can change the world?” Without even thinking about it, I responded, “We have toContinue reading “WORLD KINDNESS DAY”

Love’s Embrace by Joseph Carli

freefall852 in Uncategorized November 5, 2022 189 Words Love’s Embrace. Love’s embrace. I was badly wounded from Love’s last embrace, My fault for flying too close to the Sun’s passionate face, Where declarations of sweet joy, sweet love, Were lost and discarded along with loss of face, For one does say such silly things whilst in love’s embrace. Wounded,Continue reading “Love’s Embrace by Joseph Carli”

TUCK AROUND THE CLOCK TUCK AROUND THE CLOCK  You’ve been eating your meals all wrong – food experts reveal the exact time of day you should eat everything This is such an interesting proposition. I believe, it’s worth to try out a few of these suggestions. So that I can recall the proposed suggestions a bit better, IContinue reading “TUCK AROUND THE CLOCK “

The true costs of ageing

9:25 / 12:10• A community-based approach 1,219,098 viewsDec 22, 202113KDISLIKESHAREDOWNLOADSAVEThe Economist2.73M subscribersSUBSCRIBEThe rich world is ageing fast. How can societies afford the looming costs of caring for their growing elderly populations? film supported by @Mission Winnow00:00 The wealthy world is ageing 01:17 Japan’s elderly population 02:11 The problems of an ageing world 04:01 Reinventing old age 05:48Continue reading “The true costs of ageing”

Longevity and the Modern Marriage

It is a fact, that on average people live rather long lives now. I ask myself how many people can really enjoy their very long lives? What is the point in living longer and longer lives, if you cannot enjoy your life all that much anymore? However, I think it is true, that most peopleContinue reading “Longevity and the Modern Marriage”

Another Friend gone: A Post from January 2013

AuntyUta Just another site  auntyuta  Diary, Life in Australia, Memories   January 16, 2013 1 Minute This is about an elderly couple, both born in 1933, just a few months older than Peter is and I am. We’ve known them for ages. When we moved, we lost touch for a while. Then we found out they had moved too.Continue reading “Another Friend gone: A Post from January 2013”

AuntyUta Just another site Face the World with a peaceful Mind . . .  auntyuta  Copy, Diary  August 10, 2015 2 Minutes Face the World with a peaceful Mind . . .The continuation of this verse you can find here: I published this blog three years ago about a month after the death of our daughter Gabriele. In responseContinue reading

What it is like to be a Widow in Old Age

“Isn’t it nice … once you’ve outgrown the ideas of what life should be and you just enjoy what it is.”― Taylor Jenkins Reid,  After I Do I can say, I have learned to apprerciate that, which is still enjoyable in my life! 🙂 However, for some time, after my husband’s departure, I had this idea,Continue reading “What it is like to be a Widow in Old Age”