What does God want me to do?

What does God want me to do? https://wordpress.com/post/auntyuta.com/1297 Last Sunday at Mass I was confronted with the above question. As it happened it was a day when I was in quite a bit of physical pain. The pain didn’t start out to be really bad. I would be all right walking to church, so IContinue reading “What does God want me to do?”

Private: Uta’s Diary

auntyutaDiary, Life in Australia, Old Age  Saturday, 25th of April 2020, 5AM Everyone has by now some idea about the Coronavirus. It definitely has brought a lot of changes to our lives. How will all this end? Nobody knows for sure. We may have some ideas how it might end. However we cannot really know it, notContinue reading “Private: Uta’s Diary”

The Virus and our Daughter Gaby

auntyutaLife in Australia, Memories, Old Age  April 14, 2021 4 Minutes Peter and I had a daughter who caught the poliomyelitis virus in 1961, that is she became sick on her 4th birthday. She was soon totally paralysed, was given artificial respiration and was unconscious for many months. The doctors did not expect her to stay alive. So, whenContinue reading “The Virus and our Daughter Gaby”


Honestly, I feel I am on my very last leg now! Daughter Gaby had really made the most of her life from the age of four when she was afflicted with Polio. Because of a batch of faulty vaccines she had not been able to be vaccinated. So she ended up with severe breathing difficultiesContinue reading “Diary”

A Great Week

Tuesday was the 21st of September, my birthday. I did not only have a Great Day, but also a great week. It reminded me of my 80th birthday in 2014, when I was celebrating for days on end. I had another look at what I wrote in September of 2014 and 2015, and decided toContinue reading “A Great Week”

September 2021 Diary

Today is Saturday. In two weeks it is going to be the first Saturday in October! First there are still a dozen days in September left. At the beginning of November Caroline and Matthew may be able to finally visit me again! I have not seen them since the 16th of May, when we wereContinue reading “September 2021 Diary”

September Diary 2021

It is early in the morning again. Maybe nobody is going to read what I write now, but I’ll spend some more time with writing anyhow, meaning, instead of lying in bed a bit longer and thinking about what I experienced during my lifetime and regretting that lying in bed and just thinking about allContinue reading “September Diary 2021”

Uta’s September 2021 Diary

It is five o’clock in the morning. I keep telling myself, in a few weeks we are going to be in daylight saving time. If it was daylight saving already now, instead of five o’clock it would be already six o’clock! I reckon, six o’clock is a good time to start the day. So, IContinue reading “Uta’s September 2021 Diary”