The End of my Life

There is no denying it, I am at the end of my life. Even if I have no terminal sickness, I am bound to pass away quite soon just because I am very, very old. I mean, I feel well. I’ve never felt better in my whole life. Still, it is obvious, that this kindContinue reading “The End of my Life”

Planning more Outings

I am to write about some planning for more outings with friends. So, this means some more diary writing for me, the fifth one in a row! 🙂 First of all I talked to Irene early this morning. She often goes to the Croatian Centre in Figtree. She goes there by bus. I would beContinue reading “Planning more Outings”

A very long Walk in the Morning – Meeting Friends in the Afternoon

Early in the morning I received an email from Gerard, telling me that two weeks ago a woman came to visit him, and this is why I did not get any response to my emails for a while. 🙂 I am happy for him, that he has a girlfriend now. A bit of company willContinue reading “A very long Walk in the Morning – Meeting Friends in the Afternoon”

Another August 2022 Aunty Uta Diary

Another morning, another day: How good is that! I am so lucky, each new day is there for me to enjoy! 🙂 So, did I enjoy yesterday? Indeed I did. It was a Thursday. After another beautiful walk in the park behind my house, I took a long, lovely warm shower, when daughter Monika rangContinue reading “Another August 2022 Aunty Uta Diary”

Uta’s Diary

This morning, I had the wonderful sunlit park area totally to myself, that is, there was absolutely nobody else around! 🙂 So, I had left my place a bit after 8 AM. How early is that! 😀 I walked slowly. Always, after about twenty minutes, the walking gets easier and a bit faster. – IContinue reading “Uta’s Diary”

I wrote this in August 2021

Thinking about the Future and reflecting about the Past and about what is going on in the Present Wednesday Diary – 4th of August 2021 There is something that I do not like, namely how I neglect again and again writing down things that are of importance to me. There are now so many long very lonelyContinue reading “I wrote this in August 2021”

Uta’s Diary and Memories

I found out that my friend, Cordula Braun/Lepsius, died in July 2011, aged 76. I knew her already, when she was two years old. I have very good memories about her over many, many years, even though we lived in different countries for most of our lives, and with advancing age, I had less andContinue reading “Uta’s Diary and Memories”