February 2023 Diary

AuntyUta Just another WordPress.com site One Day after Valentine’s Day in Australia 2017  auntyuta  February 14, 2023  So, this was six years ago. I remember the rose! AuntyUta This is the morning of the 15th of February in Australia. We’ve just have had breakfast. I am very much looking forward to continue reading Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’. IContinue reading “February 2023 Diary”

Uta’ s Diary about Skills

I had a wonderful very long sleep. Waking up, my place was flooded in light. Beautiful sunshine enticed me to go for a walk. I did indeed go for a very slow, contemplative walk this morning. I felt so good among all these beautiful trees in the park! Later on, I found this article aboutContinue reading “Uta’ s Diary about Skills”

Being useful towards the End of my Life

A new Post by Uta in January 2023  auntyuta  Copy, Diary, family, health, Life in Australia   January 16, 2023 1 Minute On the 21st of December 2022 I published this: Thinking about my useless Life towards the End of December 2022 Today I wrote into the comment section of that post the following: So, I’m thinking how I’m still useful towards the endContinue reading “Being useful towards the End of my Life”

Another Diary for January 2023 by Uta

Summertime in Australia. Here in the Illawarra we had some very cold days recently, cold for summer that is. Luckily, since yesterday it is getting a bit warmer again. It is actually excellent summer weather the way it is right now. Lots of people are still on holidays, including the kids. Last Thursday was oneContinue reading “Another Diary for January 2023 by Uta”

A Cup of Tea on the Commode

A Cup of Tea on the Commode A son’s multitasking adventures of caring for Mom. And how he survived to tell the tale. Welcome A son’s multitasking adventures of caring for his mom. And how he survived to tell the tale. Mark lived in Los Angeles, enjoying the carefree bachelor’s life. He had no steadyContinue reading “A Cup of Tea on the Commode”

Uta’s Diary in January 2023

My husband died in December 2020 after having suffered from cancer and various other problems for a long time. He death came not unexpected, not at all unexpected. So, I thought, I was well prepared for it. But I was really not prepared at all for what lay in store for me. I had beenContinue reading “Uta’s Diary in January 2023”

Bulli Beach

This was the first time that we stayed in a cabin at Bulli Beach. I think this was already in October 2010, I started with blogging in July 2011. Related Sunday at Bulli BeachMarch 27, 2013In “Diary” Saturday Night at Bulli BeachDecember 13, 2013In “Diary” Arrival at Bulli Beach, Friday, 6th December 2013December 12, 2013In “Diary” Edit”Update onContinue reading “Bulli Beach”

I published in January 2017 this post about December 2016 Days with Martin

January 2023 is coming up. I like looking at my diary blogs from years ago. So many memories are coming up together with all the photos that I used to publish! https://auntyuta.com/2017/01/ December Days with Martin  auntyuta  Diary, Life in Australia, Old Age  January 12, 2017 1 Minute As I said we spent some time with Martin in Melbourne. But MartinContinue reading “I published in January 2017 this post about December 2016 Days with Martin”

A Post from February 16/2015 about Reflections on feeling unwell

Feb 16, 2015 Reflections on Feeling unwell. Catterel is right, I did not feel well last week, but I had still such an enjoyable week. Despite not feeling well for a lot of the time, somehow I could participate in everything we had been planning. It seems I can feel well one minute and terriblyContinue reading “A Post from February 16/2015 about Reflections on feeling unwell”

A reflective Morning

It is a beautiful morning today: There is a little bit of sun, and only a slight breathe. That means I could go for a wonderful slow, reflective walk in Lakelands Park. 🙂 Yesterday, I mentioned in my diary something about my independence. So, this is right, I do feel fiercely independent. And this isContinue reading “A reflective Morning”