My Life at the Start of April 2023

This year, the 1st of April was on a Saturday. Exactly one week later, on the 8th of April, happens to be my son’s birthday. He was born in 1960. So, he turns 63 tomorrow! Last Saturday, my son came to visit me. He did bring Millie, his beautiful dog along. On Friday, the 31stContinue reading “My Life at the Start of April 2023”

Uta’s Diary and Memories

I found out that my friend, Cordula Braun/Lepsius, died in July 2011, aged 76. I knew her already, when she was two years old. I have very good memories about her over many, many years, even though we lived in different countries for most of our lives, and with advancing age, I had less andContinue reading “Uta’s Diary and Memories”